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Brandon's Reviews

Jessi G
Brandon's the man. As always, my massage was just what I needed. Precision healing is truly the perfect name because when I leave I feel healed.
Donna V
Excellence in knowledge and technique I have been going to Precision Healing for some time now, and am extremely satisfied. Brandon has taken me from a state of chronic nagging low back pain to a place where I only occasionally think of my back. Previously, this would have been unthinkable! He is exceptionally good at finding the trouble spots, and is very skilled at coaxing my cranky muscles into a more relaxed state, using a very nuanced approach. I would recommend him highly to anyone.
Mark N
Great therapist Review of Brandon Saggio I have used a number of other massage therapists and Brandon is easily in the top 2.
Dana S
Awesome Massage! Brandon is thoughtful, thorough, and has the healing touch! His office is clean and comfortable.
Diane B
Best in area I have been a client of Brandon for years now and am convinced he is the best in Portland. I originally went to deal with chronic neck pain that I had tried everything to heal. Brandon was able to help rid me of neck pain and improve my mobility. He not only gives a great massage but is a kind, compassionate human. I highly recommend .
pippa a
Great Massage! Brandon is a gifted healer and masseur. I feel lucky to be able to book massages with him. I always leave better than I arrived, relaxed, for sure, but, more importantly, deeply resonated with, massaged and calmed.
Mary Ellen N
Excellent care! I have been a patient of Brandon's for two years, and the relief from the pain and tightness in my back has been astounding. He is a caring and compassionate therapist, and I highly recommend him.
Emily M
Highly recommend I've been coming to Brandon once a month for a couple years now and highly recommend him. His ability to pinpoint where the problems are is exceptional. For example, when a muscle under my trapezius seized up, others thought it was my trapezius but their treatment was ineffective until Brandon identified the correct muscle and worked to get it relaxed. He also identified another tension area as likely related to a chronic limb length difference and something that would keep coming back until that underlying cause was addressed; based on his insight, I saw my podiatrist, who confirmed that the length of my legs had changed during pregnancy and I required new and different orthotic inserts in my shoes. I have always been impressed with Brandon's knowledge and effectiveness and would highly recommend him to anyone for excellent massage work.
Audria B
Neck and Shoulder Pain Review of Brandon Saggio Brandon asked questions and listened as I tried to explain the problem I was having with my neck and shoulder. He was very careful in assessing/treating me. He relieved the pain I was having in a calm, gentle manner. I certainly will go back to him when I have lingering pain.
Carrie B
Healing hands Brandon is an amazingly talented and intuitive therapist. I always leave him feeling renewed and more flexible!
Joe R
Brandon Is Truly The Best! I have been getting massage at Precision Healing for years now. I began going due to a lower back issue. I continue going because I have never had a better massage. Seriously, you'll find it hard to get a better one elsewhere. I feel very comfortable recommending Precision Healing to family and friends.
Tracy P
Excellent Review of Brandon Saggio Education and massage go so well together, learning about the muscles and how they function is so helpful, and I feel even better after. Thanks
Sharon Rhodes
Excellent Massage Brandon's massage was hands down the best massage I could ask for. I have celiac disease and a number of sensitivities and associated issues none of which seemed to surprise him. He was prepared for and receptive to my requests and questions and his knowledge of body work was immediately obvious. I, unfortunately was only visiting when I went to Brandon for a massage (travel is stressful), but if I lived in the area I would happily use his practice every month.
Melanie D
Precision, Sensitivity, Strength, and Wisdom "Precision Healing" is such an accurate description of the massages I have received from Brandon. I had a neck injury many years ago and have been protective of that area every since, chronically holding tension in my neck and shoulders (and elsewhere!). Brandon's massage and advice has helped me through phases of acute pain and the more low-level, day to day tension of chronic muscular habits. His simple advice - to consciously relax - coupled with the *educating experience* of relaxation that comes with his strong, sensitive and detailed massages (one millimeter to the left really does matter), have allowed me to shift a pattern that's been happening for nearly 30 years. I really can't recommend Brandon highly enough.
Sophia A
Holistic healing at its best! I've been to four therapists over this past summer, and Brandon is as good as it gets for therapeutic massage. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Even better, he's easy to talk to, and listens carefully to my own insights about my body and experiences. This helps me feel very included in the process of my healing. The massages I've received have used a perfect combination of careful listening and intuition for location and pressure. Brandon's presence and responsiveness during the massages is distinguishable, and leaves me feeling safe and well cared for. On top of a fantastic and holistic massage experience, the results (for my body, mind, and spirit) are wonderful and lasting.
rebecca k
amazing i first saw brandon for shoulder pain after having my 2nd child. he relieved my pain so quickly that i decided to continue seeing him on a monthly basis for my overall general aches and pains. he is amazing!
Mark K
Holistic care for continued health I’ve been coming to Brandon monthly for close to two years. In that time, he has helped me recover from a major injury, stay healthy, and manage the immense stress associated with a career change. Every appointment begins with a consultation where Brandon takes stock of what is going on with me, both physically and psychologically. Our session is then tapered to the current state of my body and mind. You will not find more comprehensive and holistic care anywhere else. What makes Brandon special is that he genuinely cares for each of his clients. He takes the time to listen to what is happening with your body and your life. Brandon is not just concerned with temporarily relieving pain or stress, instead, he is fully invested in your continued health and well-being. Precision Healing is a sanctuary where you can come to heal, rest, relax, and start anew free from toxins, stress, and nagging injuries. As a busy professional, I do not often have time for myself, but I make a point to prioritize massage therapy with Brandon frequently. I cannot recommend Precision Healing highly enough.
Courtney F
A different massage experience I have never had a massage like this before. Brandon really listened to my concerns about where I am feeling pain and worked on those areas as well as other areas that are connected. I am very hopeful that his therapy can make a difference!
Good massage I've tried a handful of massage therapists in Portland and not returned to many of them. Brandon is consistent, listens to and incorporates my feedback, and leaves me feeling more relaxed and refreshed than when I came in the door. I recommend Brandon!
Erin K
Exceeding expectations Ever since my massage therapist moved across the country in 2008, I've been searching for my "next" massage therapist. I found him! After many coupons and too many subpar massages, I came to Brandon at Precision Healing. He is everything a massage therapist should be -- does excellent work, answers questions, asks questions, and finds balance in the session's energy. I saw him a few times, and after those consistently excellent sessions, I finally committed by buying myself the gift of a massage package! I can't recommend Brandon highly enough! (The space is nice, too.)
perfect massage I've had a few massages from Brandon and he is consistently very good. He is always on time, the space is very relaxing, he's a very gracious, gentle person and the massage is great. I think the first time I went, I was having some muscle pain and he worked it very effectively. Since then I've gone for relaxation and have just lost myself in some kind of other-world. You won't be disappointed.
Tracy P
Wonderful teacher Review of Brandon Saggio I appreciate Brandon so much, not only as an amazing massage therapist, but as a teacher. He has helped me understand why certain muscles hurt and how to correct the issue.

Dana's Reviews

Kelly S
Amazing Dana was so great. It had been a while since my last massage, and she was very good at loosening up some muscles in my back that felt like they were super-glued together! Can't wait for my next session!!
Kristen H
Best Massage Ever Dana has magic hands! She does everything I ask and exceeds my expectations! I have to go to a chiropractor and and get adjusted and I am finding that I don't have to as much because when my muscles loosen up my neck bones stay where they are suppose to! And I FEEL better! More relaxed and limber is always a plus. I will never go to anyone but her again! I am so glad I found her! #bestmassageever
Leslie O
Dana is fabulous She is able to identify and work the trouble spots in a deep way so I feel much better after leaving her office. I highly recommend her
Nelson R
Dana was wonderful! Review of Dana Hazell I just wanted to say that my session with Dana was absolutely great. I feel amazing - thank you!!!
Great experience! Review of Dana Hazell Dana is a fantastic massage therapist. I went to her hoping that she could help me recover from painful running injuries, and she has far surpassed my expectations. Dana is intuitive and very knowledgeable and she was easily able to pinpoint the tissues that were damaged. She also showed me some stretches for me to do on my own to help with the pain. I have had two massages from Dana so far (many more to come) and am confident that I couldn't be in better hands.
Great experience! Review of Dana Hazell Dana is a fantastic massage therapist. I went to her hoping that she could help me recover from painful running injuries, and she has far surpassed my expectations. Dana is intuitive and very knowledgeable and she was easily able to pinpoint the tissues that were damaged. She also showed me some stretches for me to do on my own to help with the pain. I have had two massages from Dana so far (many more to come) and am confident that I couldn't be in better hands.
Edwin O
Great Massage Used a Groupon to get a wonderful massage by Dana. I dont usually get massages but it was really well done, got a lot of my knots out and worked on a problem area I've had for almost a year. Thank you for everything.
Love it!!! I've just had my second massage with Dana. I've been having a issue with my neck and shoulder, it just gets really stiff and painful. Dana is great, every time the massage is over I feel like the weight on my shoulder is lifted. I highly recommend Dana for your massage therapist!!
Dana was great Dana really knew what she was doing. She helped get the knots out.
amy e
awesome !! Dana is excellent! She listens to what you need delivers and then gives you more. I highly recommend her especially if you want to get active again soon.
Alana W
1 visit and I'm hooked! Finally, this Groupon was worth purchasing and now I'm a full time client. Even without the deal, their prices are very reasonable. The most important part is the massage, and that blew my mind. The first time I went I was having shoulder issues (rotator cuff) and Dana first did some strength tests to see where the pain was coming from, and with her knowledge and training, she knew exactly where to massage out the pain. Later, I had low back pain, and again, Dana to the rescue! The place is not for yuppies expecting a full blown spa... But it gets the job done. Dana made sure the music was ok for me and the heat as well. For a place on NW 23rd, it actually felt like you were in a treehouse in the woods! I highly recommend this place and Dana as your massage therapist. Enjoy!
Great massage Review of Dana Hazell I had been suffered from pain radiating from my shoulder/back for several weeks, with minimum relief from acupuncture and other massages. Dana was able to diagnose the problem (rib out) and fix that, and address all the surrounding muscles affected. I've finally found a massage therapist who I will return to!
Stacey R
Got the knots out! I had a deep tissue massage and it changed my neck and shoulders! I felt knots getting rubbed out of my muscles. I will definitely be back.
Lauren E
Great massage Great full body massage, was able to get me in on short notice and was very attentive to what I said I wanted out of my massage!
Brian H
Excellent Dana is a very intuitive therapist who was able to pinpoint stressed areas that I wasn't even aware of. I prefer deep pressure and she really delivered, without going overboard. Highly recommend.
Jared H
Massage qualoty massage work, friendly adn personable....enjoyed my expereince and definately will be back!
Leslie O
Massage It was my first massage with Dana and she is very strong and worked out a lot of the tight spots in my back and neck. I highly recommend her and will be back for more.
Karen L
massage Review of Dana Hazell Dana is doing a wonderful job on my tense muscles and she is a lovely, thoughtful person with good amount of helpful advise
So Glad I Booked with Dana! Review of Dana Hazell I was in town for surgery and had a post-op massage with Dana and I am so glad I did. She was very attentive to what I had been through, and the massage was very relaxing and healing. I would definitely book with Dana again!
Michelle G
Massage After my first massage I felt great. Issues I didn't even know I had were worked out and I usually have pain in my knees and legs from running but even after hood to coast I still felt good. So I came back for a second massage and got the blood flowing and relaxation. I sleep better and my workouts are less painful. I will be back for sure :)
april t
Dana's massage Great location, nice space. Dana gives a great therapeutic massage. She found places i didn't even know were sore.
Courtney S
friendly and focused I was able to stand up a little straighter and more relaxed immediately. Thank you
Brenda K
Wow! I am not one for massages or to seek outside help for my aches/illnesses, but my back pain had left me rather immobile and in a lot of pain. After two weeks of trying to "wait it out" I finally scheduled a massage with Precision Healing. It was an incredibly painful hour, but well worth the investment. I finally received some relief from my back pain and feel like Dana got to the root of the issue. I am looking forward to my next appointment!
Edie M
Great massage I have REALLY enjoyed my massages with Dana and would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Solid Understanding Of The Body After a shoulder injury followed by a low back injury, Dana was very diligent about examining the pain in my body through stretches before working on the muscles. It was very reassuring, and her knowledge of the body and muscles were demonstrated through the massage. Each time I left, I felt much looser and my mobility was far better than when I came in. The place itself is nothing aesthetically special, though the staff makes sure you are comfortable with temperature, music, etc. They offer packages as well, which makes the massages more affordable than other places.
Kelly S
So so good! Dana is great at making sure that you're going to feel better when you leave... My shoulders are finally relaxed a little after she focused solely on my neck and shoulders the entire time. Go see Dana if you want your pain to go away!
Skillful with the fascia Review of Dana Hazell Dana got rid of superficial tension in my back and legs in a matter of seconds before making a few deeper adjustments. I appreciated her friendly attitude and willingness to work with my needs. My hips and lower back feel much more open several days after an hour long session.
Ana B
Great Experience at Precision Healing! Review of Dana Hazell I got multiple whole body massages at Precision Healing and each experience was great! Dana knows what she's doing. During and after each massage, I felt very relaxed, de-stressed, and overall free of back and neck pain. She was also courteous, kind and hospitable. I would highly recommend Precision Healing to anyone looking for a high quality massage.
Dana is awesome~! Review of Dana Hazell My first session at Precision Healing and I'm very impressed. Dana is super talented and offers very effective personalized advice and attention to your needs and concerns. Highly recommended, and I will definitely return!
Dana is the best Review of Dana Hazell Dana is so committed to her skill that she becomes one with your body. she feels it and listens to it
Len C
It was amazing The massage helps me a lot with my shoulder pain, it's still not comfortable to lay down on my left shoulder but it's way better than before. It was amazing the room temperature was perfect. She was really nice and she was really doing great job. Thank You!
Dana is the best! Review of Dana Hazell I am so grateful to have found Dana. She is so skilled and knowledgable in treating people with chronic pain. I have experienced tremendous relief after her massages!
Feeling so much better I have seen Diane several times now and every time visit has been a wonderful experience. She is warm and really pays attention to what is bothering me. Her massages are relaxing even when she is working hard on some major problem areas. And I feel sooo much better after seeing her. I wish I could go every day!
Naomi A
Dana I was very impressed with Dana's ability. She is skilled at remedying long-term problems. I'd strongly recommend her!
OMGosh!! Precision Healing is the BEST!! I tripped over an uneven sidewalk & fell hard when out walking and got a concussion. I immediately scheduled several appointments with Brandon to help reduce my pain and jump start the healing process of my neck, back, arms and hips that were all thrown out of place. Brandon gets all those little deep muscles etc..that that make all the difference in regaining full range of motion and speeding up the bodies healing time. I'm very GRATEFUL & THANKFUL to Brandon and Dana for their expertise & passion in this profession. In my years of experience with massage/bodywork folks these people ARE the BEST 100%!!
Martha Van Dyke
thank you Dana Review of Dana Hazell My first session with Dana started the break through to relieve my lunges that were so tight from a cold/allergy. Breathing in comfort is nice I think I will go back for another session. Thank you Dana
Tessa S
Highly Recommended Massage Therapist I've been seeing Brandon for close to 2 years, and feel lucky to have found such a caring, warm, knowledgeable and accessible person to help me heal my body. Brandon seems to always know the right places to work on that help me to feel better and brighter. He's been flexible and understanding, and I would recommend him (and often do!) to anyone looking to relax or rebuild.
John P
Excellent Experience I would highly recommend Dana at Precision Healing.
Sure helped me! I met Brandon where he is an instructor and could tell he was able to show the student how to best work on my body issues. He knows a ton about body physics. When my back locked up from sitting at a desk for three days, I went to see him at his NW office (very soothing quarters). I'm amazed how much he helped me. I walked in crunched and walked out tall. He can really determine the best program for your individual problems. And he is such a gentle soul. I will definitely return.
Erin E
Fantastic! I've only been to Brandon twice, but so far the results have been incredible. I have had lower back pain for about 10 years and this is the first time that I've had several days of relief in a row. Brandon definitely knows his stuff and is eager to help you understand what is going on both by helping you pinpoint the problem areas on your own body as well as showing you on a skeleton what's actually happening. I feel very confident leaving my back in his hands.
Great Great hands.
april t
Very Therapeutic! Dana is very skilled! She has a diagnostic touch and can really tell what is going on with the muscles and joints. I fractured my pelvis and though the bones are healed the connective tissue has had many issues and I have had a lot of pain. Dana has given me hope in my recovery and I feel much better after seeing her. She has also given me insight into where i may be lacking flexibility or strength. She is a true professional and I have even recommended her to my acupuncture and physical therapy friends. You are in good hands with Dana!
Jessica R
Excellent massage I went in with a long-term, recurring injury and feel better than I have in almost a year. She was as intense as I requested and very thorough. I feel like I have better range of motion and my chiropractor commented on how much better she could treat me after the massage. Dana answered questions and gave me advice on follow up care.
Liz W
A great massage! Brandon has been my massage therapist for over 5 years now, and I highly recommend him. He listens to you and is able to focus in on painful areas without causing discomfort. He's the best!
Dan F
mobility Dana really helped with some hip mobility issues. My hip stretches were deeper and abductors felt a lot looser after the deep tissue work she did. Nice job!
Diane R
Amazing! I went to Brandon to get help with my lower back pain. After just one session I was able to lean back with greater range than I have been able to in a long time. He listened to my needs and went right to the source. Precision and relaxation! I will definitely come back to Brandon for continued treatment! :)
Wonderful! I have been to Dana three times and she's wonderful. My back and neck feel so much healthier and less tense after seeing her. She's always welcoming and makes me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her.
Great massage This was my first massage. i had multiple knots in my upper back from lifting weights. After a visit with Dana I feel refreshed and knot free.
emily k
massage with Dana Review of Dana Hazell Dana made me very comfortable and was very skilled. It was a difficult massage and I have severe anxiety issues but Dana's attitude and energy helped me to feel safe so that I was able to move through it. I really wish I could afford to come regularly at full price, it would definitely be worth it.
Great Experience Brandon was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to explain why I was having pain and where it was coming from. Brandon spent the entire session focused on my neck and shoulder and I left feeling great, not sore. Two days later, I feel great. I'll be back for sure and would recommend him to anyone.
Mike Z
A great experience, and would gladly recommend!! After each of my 3 visits, I felt completely relaxed, refreshed, and good as new. Dana made me feel very comfortable, and always asked if there were any specific areas that needed attention. On 2 of the 3 visits, there were some tight muscles in my neck....Dana worked the tightness out and restored full comfort and movement.
Sean R
Great massage Dana's ability to to get deep into some of my knots from a nagging ski injury really helped!
Kerri B
Great Massage I would highly recommend Precision Healing, Brandon was excellent and took the time to get to know about me and my pain issues. After the first visit I saw a drastic improvement. Little things that I had not been able to do for 2 years, like bend over and dry my feet or being able to stand up after sitting with out having horrible pain, were much better. I am continuing on with more visits and anticipating a continuation of the improvement I have already had.
Angela L
Hooked on Dana Never can I find a massage therapist that will truly, will skillful pressure, really go deep. Dana is that massage therapist. I am hooked. Thank you~
Amy P
healing hands I have had numbness in right arm along with shoulder pain. It was so bad that I would wake up in the middle of night with a dull ache in my arm and shoulder. After explaining my pain to Dana, she found the source and the numbness went away.
Christopher R
Great treatment! Dana was fantastic. Treats my needs as an athlete when I need them attended to as well as hits great points to relax and decompress and release stress. Great massage for any needs. Will definitely be seeing her again. Thanks!
Tannya C
Diane is the best Review of Diane Rockell Moved here from Texas and used to compete/fitness trainer and I love a good deep tissue to relax those muscles and be functional with no pain. Professional, knowledgeable, strong massages and great results! Glad I found my new massage therapist!
Len C
It was amazing It was painful but I definitely Love it after the massage. I feel way better than before, still a little sore but I have one more appointment to go I hope I will feel much better after. Thank You!
Laura H
The most effective Massage! I try to get a massage at least twice a year, for stress purposes, but i have also gotten them to help with a couple car accidents I have been in. So I have gone to a few different place around town, but honestly, no one comes close to Precision Healing. Brandon is by far the best massage therapist there is. I have gone to him a couple of times and I instantly feel the tension relief and even the pain relief from some of my back injuries. He listens to all your specific needs and is very professional and friendly. Whenever friends ask me if I know of any massage places to go to, I send them straight to Brandon with my highest recommendations.
Amy P
Detailed and Healing For the past few months I have been experiencing numbness in my right hand and pain in my back shoulder. After 1 massage with Dana, it is almost all gone. My problem is chronic and will take some time so I don't expect everything to be completed in one visit. Dana is a wonderful listener and very talented in what she does.
Just what I needed Brandon gave me a massage at the weekend, he listened to what was bothering me and completely addressed those issues. He tailored the massage completely to my specific needs and I came out feeling loads better. He also gave great pressure. I would highly recommend a massage with him.
Lukas O
Nothing But Good Things I've seen Dana three times now for massage & bodywork, and she's been phenomenal each visit. Couldn't recommend more highly.